Some valuable "User Interface Patterns" resources

Last week I’ve been investigating about Web UI Patterns and anything concerning Social Media Patterns, mainly focused on building a consistent UI Pattern Toolkit that I’ll release as soon it will be ready. In this searching I found some valuable resources with incredible useful UI Patterns solutions, with some discussions around them:

  • The first resource is about patterns that applies to social media sites, there you can find a lot of ideas for implementing common interface problems in a homogeneous way. This decrease the “User first expectation” a lot by trying to apply the same solution across every site: Here’s the link:

  • The second, and last, resource is focused directly on UI Patterns for the web. Here I found a lot of approaches that other sites have applied to it’s problems: drop-down menus, Calendar pickers, Activity streams, In-place editors, etc. all of them with screenshots and reviews.

Additionally, you can find a lot of books regarding this subject: UX Pile updating my skills

Certainly, some valuable UI Patterns solutions all of us must take in place. I hope you enjoy all of them and if you have any suggestion or tip please write a comment bellow.