Slides of our last lecture at the University of Coruña

Tower of Babel

This Wednesday, November 24th, we made a lecture at the University of Coruña to tech and linguistic people, related with the projects that our galician opensource community are managing and what are their states, and for the other hand how to improve translations by using different techniques we are currently applying in GNOME and Ubuntu.

This lecture was part of two weeks of course, where the more proficient people of open source community of Galicia have explained how they work and how anyone could colaborate with them doing tasks as translations, managing projects or reviewing. You can find more information about all the lectures at the webpage of Trasno Association [in galician]. This course was sponsorized by our regional gobernment (Xunta de Galicia).

👇 These are our 5 presentations for the lecture, but you can read them at slideshare [in galician]: