Feelings at Guadec-ES 7 (A Coruña)

Last Thursday and Friday I was in Coruña attending to the GUADEC-ES, the most important event of GNOME and “hispanic version” of GNOME Users and Developers Conference. It was my first event focused in GNOME and was simply amazing. I met a lot of GNOME Hackers and get the feeling that I’m in a collaborate with great community. I enjoy all the talks but I have to highlight some of them.

  • Git it done! by Mario Sánchez. I use git for more than 2 years but Mario gave us a glorifious crash course about it. You can find the slides [ES] in the next link: http://tinyurl.com/2wzqy6d
  • Other of the talks that I prefer is ”GNOME 3 para desarrolladores” (GNOME 3 for developers). Carlos Garcia Campos explain us the main differences between last GNOME libraries and what was done to achieve GNOME 3. Clean up !!
  • The great discovery talk was ”Vala, un lenguaje para Gnome 3.0” by Roberto Majadas. I heared just a little about Vala but Roberto with a lot of examples explain us the posibilities that Vala has to develop with a high-level language but with the benefits of optimization and speed of C language.
  • And finally ”cómo estudiar y participar en software libre sin morir en el intento” (How to study and participate in Free Software without die trying). Diego Escalante, developer of Epiphany, IMHO is the best speaker I have the pleasure to attend. The talk had a funny tone mixed with real experiences. Again you can find the slides here: http://people.gnome.org/~diegoe/slides/20100723_Coru%25C3%25B1a_Estudiar-y-participar.pdf

GPUL, coorganizers of this GUADEC, promised to make accesible all the videos recorded there. When this happen I’ll update this post to link them. Conclusion: I recommend all to go this type of conferences cause you can learn a lot in just some hours and you’ll meet a lot of amazing people.