5 years working at Openhost: from craftsmanship to enterprisy

Making a quick pit stop to mark this milestone in my professional career: today is my 5-year anniversary at Openhost! Time has certainly flown by and I really cannot believe that it has been five years since I joined this company.

I know it is sort of cliche to say “I can not believe that it has been this long…” but it is so true. Back then I joined a relatively new project built particularly for a client that we wanted to get a proper SaaS from it, and the first few months had me digging out in the foundations of that monolithic software, trying to learn all how to handle thousands of requests per minute for the existing no-framework “crappy” code (now we are fully, and happily may I add, using one of them).

I did a lot of researching and development for sure, and through the next months, through many long days and nights, I succeeded in improving, going from a Senior Software Developer, to a Supervisor of the team, to eventually becoming the Manager for the entire development team. I worked really hard, but I have worked just as hard before in previous places! Changing so many parts of the initial project, and rebuilding from scratch key components one part at a time while getting profit from the project in production was a huge and hard thing to do. And I can not deny that I was a little overwhelmed at first because everything was on my shoulders, but with our amazing team I think that we reached the goal.

The best part of being an Openhoster for 5 years? Being able to learn to change the tires to a car while driving at 300 km/h, having side-by-side the increasing family of  “OpenHosters”, exciting people who not only enjoy what they do, but are always willing to get the best from themselves! There is not a single day that I don’t learn something new, and thankfully I don’t see any sign of this trend stopping :) Getting up in the morning and walking into my home office (yeah, they let me work remotely), is never a drag because I just know that there are ‘achievements to unlock’ right around the corner and OpenHost let me tackle them the way a I want.

I am OpenHoster!!!